What is the starting price for a mobile APP?

Mobile Apps start at R8 000 per app per platform. For example, if you want an app for android and IOS it start at R16000

How long does it take to build an app?

It depends on the complexity of the app. If you already have the design colors and layouts, it take as little as a week for a simple mobile app. Our more complex applications could take a few weeks to months.

How do I get started?

Over the phone we or via email we can establish a rough scope of work and give an budgetary estimate. If it is a large project then we give estimates for each phase. If the estimates are within your budget, we give a firm quote for design and fleshing out the details so that a developer can estimate effort. After the design phase, we provide a detailed quote for each phase.

What about support?

We provide 3 months bug support after the project is completed and this is included in the development cost. Thereafter, customers have the option of a retainer or pay per hour for support.

What is the turn around time for bug fixes?

We offer a 24 hour turn around for coding bug fixes. Bugs caused by OEMs (eg. Microsoft, Samsung and Apple) are dependent on the OEM release cycles

Do I get a copy of the code?

Code is only provided for services originally commissioned with the intent of code creation. No code is provided for services that are part of our standard offering. Any customisations done to standard services are done as a service and code is not intended to be distributed to the customer